Single Lift Out Slider Window Construction Features

  • Standard & Custom Colours

    Solar Bond™ paints are weather and fade-resistant and come with a 15-year warranty. 14 standard colours or an endless number of custom colours are available. Standard Colours: White, Cream, SDT, Sable, Grey, Hickory, High Gloss Brown, Gentek Commercial Brown, Sandlewood, Pebble, Dover Grey, Cashmere, Forest Green, and Black.
  • Flip Lock

    The Armor Flip Lock combines intuitive functionality with a sleek, ergonomic design.<br>It is an Innovative automatic lock for Hung and Slider windows. Easy to install and serve as a visible reminder.
  • AdvanceEdge® Spacer

    Our AdvanceEdge® Spacer Technology is made of the world’s finest 100% polymer foam, non-metal technology. The foam matrix is breathable and works fast to absorb moisture and reduce condensation. Our Spacers outperform those from our competitors in the industry’s toughest durability tests – lasting a simulated 90 years!
  • Half Screen with Overlapping Frame

    Half screen overlap keeps bugs and debris outside while the steel pins make for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Self Closing Locks

    Self closing locks for ease of operation and added security.
  • Lift Out Rollers

    All Armor lift out sliders come with standard solid metal rollers for lasting durability and smooth operation every time.
  • Fly Maze

    As a standard practice, Armor installs a sponge-like insect guard inside our hollow multi-chamber frames. This prevents insects from nesting or entering through the window frame.
  • Triple Weather Seals

    Santoprene bulbs in combination with high fin pile weatherseals virtually eliminate air infiltration.
  • Full Pull Rail

    Solid vinyl, one piece pull rail, gives you maximum length for a full range of usage.
  • Drainage Flaps

    Unlike other companies that just punch holes, we use flaps that only open when water needs to drain out.
  • Precision Mitred, Fusion Welded Frames & Sashes

    Both the frame and sash are welded simultaneously using the latest Fusion Technology - which heats the vinyl and then under pressure fits the vinyl members together forming a super strong weld.
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single lift out slider window 2

Single Lift Out slider windows are typically shorter, wider and operate using one sash that moves side to side. Single Lift Out slider windows provide the customers with the ability of opening and lifting inwards towards themselves for easy cleaning and maintenance. This “single sash” open and close provides a decent range of ventilation combinations for controlled air circulation and is perfect for high traffic areas as they remained contained.    

Single Lift Out slider Window Ratings

Air Water Wind
A3 B4 C3