The "Original" 2 Plus 2


Since 1974, 2Plus2 has been and remains the leading-edge four panel polyester-coated aluminum patio door. 2Plus2 patio doors are the ultimate solution for houses located in extreme weather conditions. 2Plus2 patio doors offer double insulation: double layers of doors with triple or quadruple glazing that ultimately provides superior energy efficiency and perfect sound-proofing.




Double-glazed thermo with grey warm-edge spacer
  • Warm-edge thermo spacer keeps glass perimeter warmer, reducing the risk of condensation and decay
  • Less conductive warm-edge spacer improves the insulating "R" value.
Exclusive Level 40 lock with "D" handles
  • Highest level of security in North America
  • Ergonomic and aesthetic handle design
  • No paint peeling, corrosion or tarnishing
  • Two complete sets of interior and exterior panels provide double protection
Four-aluminum panel configuration
  • Double-door protection creates more than 3 1/2 inches of insulating space between the twin doors to shield you from external elements
  • Indirect ventilation while doors are locked (locking exterior left panel and interior right panel)
  • Excellent sound-proofing
Exterior and interior PVC capping
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No priming or painting required
  • Ready for interior / exterior finishing, reducing installation time
  • Wood frame protected against edge damage
Exclusive gliding system
  • Everlasting smooth, quiet, and effortless gliding
  • Non-wearing, self-lubricating, non-corrosive rollers eliminates blackened tracks
Post-painted polyester powder-coated finish
  • Polyester powder-coated extrusions are baked and cured for longevity and scratch resistant finish
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • All aluminum extrusions are post-painted (painted after fabrication) ensuring all exposed edges are pre-treated, painted, and protected, providing a superior, durable, elegant and aesthetic door finish
  • Post-painting eliminates scratching of parts painted prior to the fabrication process
Sturdy assembled panels
  • Precision corner joints provides excellent water and air-tightness
  • Modular assembly enables quick, easy and less costly repairs
Solid, primed wood frame, 1 5/16" x 7 1/2"
  • Heavy-duty frame provides excellent structure for ease of installation
  • 7 1/2" thermally broken frame ensures excellent insulation
  • Wood primer protects exposed frame against mold and rot
  • Finger-jointed wood components greatly reduce frame warping and twisting
Heavy-duty, gliding screen with lock
  • Smooth and silent gliding
  • Will not skip or jump off the track
  • Screen frame assembly keeps the fiberglass screen-mesh trampoline tight
  • Combination Fly-sweeps and weatherstripping keep bugs out
  • Interior and exterior hardware for ease of operation
  • Easily removed for winter storage
Weather protection with 100% high fin weatherstripping and corner foam gaskets
  • Superior aesthetic installation with no visible caulking to collect dirt and dust
  • Closed-cell foam gasket ensure joint seal consistency
  • High fin weatherstripping combines excellent gliding with air-tightness
Knocked-down format (available in 5´ through 10´ widths and 6´8", 6´10" or 7´0" heights)
  • One person can easily carry, transport, and install
  • Less warehousing space required than fully-assembled doors.
Assembled door format (available in 5´ and 6´ widths)
  • Factory assembled, ready to install
  • Shorter installation time