Advanced Foam System (AFS)

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Armor is excited to introduce the Advanced Foam System(AFS). AFS is a New Technology that improves the window system's energy efficiency.

What is AFS?
Advanced – A new technology that surpasses other foam systems and boosts a windows performance by up to 8%.
Foam – A closed cell foam that will not expand or contract with heat or cold and does not retain water.
System – Designed using foam and dead air space to achieve optimum performance.
AFS combines the performance of engineered insulating rigid foam with dead air space to deliver outstanding improvement on the thermal performance of the window. Tests have shown that Armor's AFS system outperforms other systems with higher Energy Ratings as well as improved U Values and R values.

AFS Advantage

  • Designed to perform and provide the ultimate insulation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Saves on Energy Costs
  • Improves the windows Energy Rating (ER) by 2 points

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