Armor 1-3/8 Series

Armor-1-38th-seriesThe Armor 1-3/8 Line is available exclusively in a triple glazed format. The standard overall glass thickness (O.A) is 1-3/8”.

The Armor 1-3/8 Line comes standard with Super Spacer with two air chambers that are both 5/8” overall. Both of these chambers are filled with Argon gas.

The Armor 1-3/8 Line can be ordered with all of the existing interior and exterior options. Along with the new wider thermal glass, the Armor 1-3/8 Line also features a new multi-point hardware with a full 180 degrees of operation.

The Armor 1-3/8 Line has been designed for Canada’s most extreme climates and achieves some of the best Energy Star numbers in the industry.

Available in a Casement, Awning, Picture and Fixed format; it can also be ordered as a shape and configured into bay and bow windows.

Key Features

  • 3-1/4” frame depth
  • Standard triple glazed glass with an overall thickness of 1-3/8”
  • New multi-point hardware design with 180 degrees of operation
  • Full screen overlap
  • Lifetime Warranty on Glass, Hardware and Vinyl

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