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Armor is pleased to be one of the first manufactures to offer the new, industry leading LoE-180 glass, designed specifically for the Canadian climate. Our LoE Glass, provides the Clearest, Highest Performance Glass on the market.

This new glass provides:

  • Triple Glazed Performance in a Double Glazed format
  • Superior LoE Performance versus other LoE's
  • Energy Star Zone at a minimum C or greater
  • Leading blockage of UV Radiation that cause fading & damage
  • High Solar Heat Gain
  • No Haze

The New LoE-180 glass acts like an invisible layer of insulation that helps homes stay warm and cozy; by blocking heat loss to the cold weather outside and welcoming the sun’s heat inside. This is important because windows contribute up to 25% of the annual heating cost of a home.

Our energy optimization results, begin with a selection of LoE glass coating used in combination with our unique white ‘S-Class’ Super Spacer technology. We then offer you a choice of double or triple glass panes and Argon or Krypton gas between the panes of glass. In the winter, it helps bring in more heat energy during the day, while reducing heat loss at night. In the summer, the same technology prevents hot, humid air from entering your home. The results: reduced air conditioning costs when it’s warm, and lowered heating bills when it’s cold.

Designed for CANADIAN climate, the New LoE-180 glass provides Year Round Comfort and improves the insulating value of your window up to 40%.With high solar heat gain, ER and R values, increased zone coverage and great light transmission and clarity; the New LoE-180, is the Clearest, Highest Performance Glass on the market.

New LoE-180 Performance Improvement*

Window Model Glaze SHGC ER Energy Star Zones
LoE-179 - Argon 3 0.36 30 ABC
LoE-180 - Argon 2 0.41 29 ABC
* From NRCan web site Triple glazed performance in a double glazed format!


Clarity Makes the Difference

With no haze, the choice is clear! Armor Series’ LoE delivers what customers need and want from glass: clarity and performance.

See the difference between our LoE and competitors.

glass comp

Center of Glass Comparisons*

Product Energy Rating (ER) Insulating U Value Solar Heat Gain (SHGC)
Cardinal LoE-180 47.33 0.259 0.685
Guardian 75/68 45.22 0.275 0.683
Cardinal LoE-179 45.96 0.276 0.698
PPG SG400 45.79 0.278 0.699
AGC Comf.EPS 45.82 0.290 0.726
Pilkington Energy Adv. 45.66 0.296 0.735

* Source: Cardinal Glass Industries