Expert Window and Door Installation

Of course every company says they offer expert installation, but at Urban Windows and Doors you can take it to the bank. You see at Urban Windows and Doors we are so passionate about our products being installed properly that we do not cater to the cash and carry market. That’s right! We do not sell anything we are not contracted to install. So now that you understand how much we have riding on our installation, let me explain what steps we take to ensure we are the best.

replacement-window-installationBelieve it or not expert installation begins with the salesperson. A trained and experienced salesperson will know the things to look for in your home and be sure to both note it and price it in. Yeah, I know “price it in” but let’s be honest wouldn’t you rather that extra bit be factored into the original cost prior to there being a big hole in the wall. At Urban Windows and Doors all of our sales people are trained veterans of the industry and know firsthand what to look for to make installation as smooth as possible.

Just like our salespeople, you simply cannot beat a seasoned veteran installer. We took the time to seek out the more notably recognized installers in the local market and offered them equally competitive rates and our loyalty and fair treatment guarantee. Needless to say, many if not most took us up on our offer and have never looked back.

Why you ask?

Well simple really, we work with them to ensure they are properly equipped for whatever the job might require. We also ensure that they are properly informed about the job or jobs they are listed for that day. We also work with them to ensure that they remain current with the latest methods of installation and construction codes. Most importantly, in the event that an unforeseeable snag in the installation job occurs, we work with them to ensure that it just gets done properly.

At Urban Windows and Doors when we say “expert installation” we mean, we’ve hired the right people and made sure they have the right training, equipment, information, and support. So don't be fooled by the old “We only work with licensed contractors” pitch, unfortunately those contractors are only as good as the company backing them.